Maison D'Hanoi Group

Welcome to Maison D’Hanoi Group!

Maison Group is founded in 1989 and developed rapidly thanks to Vietnam s hospitality and tourist industry. After several change, Maison Group now have 2 members that are still running and developing.

Our very 1st member was Maison D’Hanoi Hanova Hotel which was located in 35 – 37 Hang Trong (now closed). Hanova Is the shortcut of “Hanoi Vang” which means Golden Hanoi.

Our 2nd member was Maison D’Hanoi Boutique Hotel in 49 Lan Ong street (n0w closed). After few year of running, we found that we need bigger hotel in order to develop more, not only the size of the hotel but also the human resource and quality service so this leads to our new member which is Maison D’Hanoi Boutique hotel in 35-37 Ma May street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi – right in the heart of Old Quarter and we are proud to be “Glowing pearl in the heart of Old Quarter” with almost 40 accommodation from Luxury Rooms to Suites designed with luxurious wood, indeed traditional Style.

At the same time Maison D’Hanoi Hanova Hotel was moved to the new location in 20 Quan Thanh(under reinnovation), toward the side of the West lake. After one year, we decided to give it a renovation and will be reopened soon.

In December 2013, our 3rd member is officially created – Madam Yen restaurant 99 Hang Gai street. Quality and attentiveness can be seen in every aspect of our business, from the comfortable and thoughtful interior design to the courteous service of our knowledgeable staff. 

We value artistry, history and architecture. Each member is unique in its décor and setting. Each detail is painstakingly crafted, to remark history & architecture. Step back into history at Hanoi’s most storied hotels and restaurant. A glowing pearl in the Heart of Hanoi City centre in the Old Quarter, Maison Group welcomes Guests to experience our colonial grandeur and timeless elegance….


Maison D’Hanoi Boutique Hotel

 + 01 boutique hotel located in Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam. 
 + Seasonal packages offering exceptional value and luxurious extras 
Great Hotel, even better staff 
Fantastic hotel, fantastic value!” 
 + Great location, best beds! 
 + Outstanding services at a mid-range price!"
 + No request is too large, no detail is too small

Particulars facilities: 

  • Indochina Tube House design
  • Suites room
  • Honey moon room
  • Family rooms
  • Deluxe rooms
  • Premium rooms
  • Hanoi M’café restaurant & bar
  • Maison Tour Desk center
  • Reception
  • Concierge

Madam Yen Restaurant 

  • Beautiful and elegant decoration
  • 5 star restaurant Chef
  • 120 square meters and we can accommodate over 100 diners in our four distinctive areas.
  • Classic Vietnamese dishes with a Western influence, developed by our experienced chef.
  • High Tea, pairing three of our freshly homemade pastries with your choice of coffee or tea 
  • Convenient location in a golden street – 99 Hang Gai street, easy for small or big vehicle.
  • Professional and friendly staff, fast and efficient service.

Every single member of staff, their dedication, passion and hard work has made the Maisond’Hanoi Hotel  in Vietnam. We are consistently at the top of hotel review sites and listings for Hanoi. We have established a reputation for impeccable quality and 5 star ethoses. We invite you to come and experience our unrivalled service.